Categories and Criteria

Essential Entry Information

Top Companies for Customer Service Gala Dinner & Awards Thursday 23 January 2020

Please read below carefully:

One entry only per company please.  Please ensure you have read the Categories & Criteria before entering.  It's is FREE to enter.   Please answer ALL the questions detailed within the category entry criteria and adhere to the word count stipulated.  Please note that the entry criteria may vary for each category. 

Submission for ALL Categories

Entrants are asked to use the criteria to formulate ideally a PDF or a Microsoft Word entry (please note that a PDF entry file is preferred please)

Statistics, spread sheets, graphs, pictures, articles, promotional collateral, web links to online videos etc. can be embedded into the PDF / Word document. Please note that all support material - including research, statistics, graphs, pictures, screen grabs etc. is in addition to your core word count and does not therefore count towards your total as stipulated in the entry criteria for each category.  Please note that the entry criteria varies for each category. 

However, please note that the complete entry must be a maximum of 4 x A4 pages in length, the total file size must not exceed 5Mb and one file only per individual entry may be submitted. If your file size exceeds 5Mb, then your entry will be disqualified.

Please note that ONE FILE ONLY may be attached for each individual entry, so it is important to ensure that your single entry file is complete, checked and contains all the required information, pictures, data and web links before you begin the online submission process - duplicate entries with additional files will not be accepted and will be deleted.

Please note that it is not necessary to excel in every listed criteria to have a quality entry worthy of recognition and / or some areas may not be applicable to you - judges are looking for a strong performance overall.

All information provided in your entry will be strictly confidential, shown to the judges in confidence only and deleted post the event.  No financial information will be made public.  


Top Contact Centre ‘Special Moment’

Top Customer Service Agent

Top Customer Service Partnership (NEW for 2020)

Hardware / Software Manufacturer of the Year

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Top Contact Centre ‘Special Moment’

Open to all individuals working in a contact centre – from the bottom to the top of the hierarchy.  One entry only per company please

The judges are looking for a special moment – so it could be:

  • A brilliant call that turned around an unhappy customer, reaping big rewards for the company
  • The implementation of a great training idea that improved the operation significantly
  • An individual’s management style and approach loved by teams, motivating employees to go that extra mile
  • The sharing of best practice that allows another individual to shine

You name it!  The only real criteria is that it must be a special moment that has happened in your contact centre between 01 January 2019 and 31 December 2019. 

750 word maximum

Top Customer Service Agent

One entry only per company please.  To be entered by Team Leaders / Managers on behalf of their Agents.   Each submission should be a 750 word maximum entry around the following performance criteria.  The judges will score each element out of 10 and the Agents with the highest scores will be shortlisted, with the highest performer picking up the trophy and the accolade of ‘Top Companies for Customer Service Best Agent’ at the Top Companies for Customer Service Gala Dinner & Awards in January

Summary of role, detail of product / service provided, market served (200 words), followed by (max 750 words):

  1. Customer Experience - quality of service provided against set key objectives
  2. Personalisation
  3. Product knowledge retention
  4. Multi-Skilled – working across multiple channels / disciplines
  5. Multi Product - working across multiple products
  6. Attendance & Reliability
  7. Team player – share best practice, experience and knowledge across teams
  8. Role model – set the positive agenda for others to follow
  9. Creativity – ability to think on their feet and come up with workable solutions for any problems / obstacles
  10. General organisation, attention to detail, friendliness, and calmness under pressure

Judges are looking for results over the annual period of 01 January 2019 to 31 December 2019

Top Customer Service Partnership

Open to any Partnership/Collaboration that has enhanced and improved a customer service offering


Nominees can be proposed by any part of the partnership, suggestions are:

  • A tech partner with an innovative product that has saved time and money
  • An outsourcer that has taken the headache away
  • A networking company that has facilitated the right match
  • A charity who has helped raise awareness and in turn, helped you to help others
  • A consultant who has introduced an improved and more effective way to work
  • A collaboration between you and another organisation on a special project
  • Any partner who has gone over and above during their alliance with you!

In 750 words, outline your partnerships journey, highlighting the benefits, implementation, and results to date – the submission must include evidence to support activity in 2019

The judges will be looking for:

  • Evidence of a clear partnering strategy including objectives of the strategy
  • Details of how you work with your partners and how you support them in the interests of the customer
  • What you do to stimulate the building of an effective and cohesive / collaborative team
  • What processes you have in place to standardise quality of service, streamline decision making and realise efficiencies

Hardware / Software Manufacturer of the Year

One entry only per company please.  This award aims to pick out the hardware / software vendor which has gone above and beyond in these core areas:

  1. Innovation - Bringing well-designed and well-received hardware/software-led products to market in the last 12-months
  2. Marketing – Effectively communicating features and benefits of these new products to customers
  3. Standards - Commitment to high physical, integration and cyber standards, both in terms of meeting existing standards and enabling easy integration with other IT systems
  4. Environmental -  Being a good employer and producing products which meet or exceed the latest environmental and energy usage standards to minimise impact on the environment

Q1. Please provide list and brief description of standout software-based / hardware products and/or integrations enabled in the last 12 months. Give evidence in terms of UK and/or European licenses or subscriptions to the software / hardware that shows it was well received by the market. (max 200 words)

Q2. Please describe how these products or technology integration partnerships were promoted to partners and/or end-customers. (You may give examples of brochures and content used to communicate benefits to key audiences by putting links to content in your answer) (max 200 words for written answer alone, linked content is excluded from this restriction)

Q3. Please detail the integration, cyber standards / credentials of each of these offerings and what makes them the best they can be in all these areas (max 200 words)

Q4. Please provide evidence of strong corporate social responsibility, good employer credentials, geographical expansion, commitment to the environment and wider corporate commitments to be a good global citizen (max 200 words)

Q5. Please include testimonials from 5 current customers

Judges are looking for software / hardware products launched over the annual period of 01 January 2019 to 31 December 2019

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